Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home is at your service so you never have to worry about finding a ride when you need it most. If you need to pick up your sick child or pick up medication, you may make a side trip on the way home

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is available when:

• You or an immediate family member gets sick or has an emergency.
• Your carpool driver has to unexpectedly leave early or stay late.
• You have unscheduled overtime.

**-----Inclement weather DOES NOT qualify for the Emergency Ride Home Program------**

Registering is easy, and the ride is free

After you create a profile, and tracking your commute for 21 business days, you are eligible to use the ERH program. If you need a ride home, select the Emergency Ride Home tab and fill out the required information. You will be able to print a voucher for a taxi ride home. You may use the service up to six times or $300 worth of the taxi service per calendar year. You can only print a voucher on the day of the emergency. Detailed instructions for the service will be provided once you fill out the ERH voucher information. ERH users are responsible for the taxi driver’s tip.  

To qualify for ERH, you must:

• Be a part-time or full-time employee. 


• Must have used a smart transportation option (vanpool, carpool, bike, bus, walked) to commute on the day the ride is needed. 


• Must have tracked smart commute option using MyCommuterCrew.com/SharetheRideIdaho.com for the previous 21 work days.