Frequently Asked Questions

Is my personal information secure?

Yes! Your home address will never show on a carpool match list. Email addresses are hidden, unless you choose to send an email. Phone numbers are not required - just recommended. And we will never sell your personal information!

By default, people who match to your commute will see your first name, commute preferences, and the contact information you choose to share. You can also choose to hide all information and not show on matchlists by changing your Personal Settings.

What happens when I register?

Your profile information is entered into a database that searches for other commuters with similar commute routes and schedules. When you run a carpool match, you will receive a list of people near you who are also interested in carpooling. Registering does not obligate you to carpool, but we do hope it motivates you!

Why isn't anyone contacting me about carpooling?

Possibly because your future carpool partners are sitting at home asking the same question. Be proactive! Run a carpool match and email someone from your match list. Check back in regularly to see if you can find new matches.

What's the difference between a carpool and a vanpool?

Both are very similar in that they mean enjoying a ride with other people while saving money! Vanpoolers tend to save more money because the vehicle, maintenance and insurance are provided by a local agency, and the costs are split between many people. Carpools use a personal vehicle and have less people to share the costs, but are also more flexible and easier to form.

Could anyone have a schedule as crazy as mine?

Believe it or not, yes! However, people who work nights or have irregular schedules are better candidates for carpools than for vanpools.

What if I am reluctant to carpool with a complete stranger?

Meet with him or her beforehand in a public space, like at a coffee house, to get to know each other.Read our carpool tips for more pointers.

What if I have an emergency at work and don't have my car?

Many local transit agencies and employers offer an Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program, which provides a taxicab or rental car to get home. Find out more about the ERH program in your area once you have created your account.