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Welcome to Share The Ride Boise State!

Welcome to the Boise State RideShare platform, part of the Share the Ride Idaho program. Included on this platform, you will find:

  • A ridematching service, which can help you find potential carpool-mates in your area.
  • A commute logger, to track your monetary savings over traditional transit.
  • An explanation of your commuting options.

If you have any questions, you can:

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Carpooling Options

Transportation can be expensive. For a 20-mile round-trip daily commute using a medium economy vehicle, gas costs approximately $3 per day, $12 per week, and $600 per year. Carpooling can be an effective method for limiting these costs. If one commuter is paying $600 per year, the annual gas expenditures for carpoolers would be:

  • $300 for two carpoolers
  • $200 for three carpoolers
  • $150 for four carpoolers

The more carpoolers, the greater the savings.

Commuteride Vanpool

Another option for carpooling is to use the Commuteride vanpool system. This system has the following features:
  • Insurance, maintenance, and fuel card provided.
  • Guaranteed ride home program for emergencies. Plus Card provided with prepaid taxi fare in cases of emergencies. Card can be used six times per year.
  • Ridematching service with locations all across the Valley.
  • Vans fit 11-14 commuters each.

Public Transit Options

Transportation can be time-consuming. For a 20-mile round-trip daily commute during average traffic density, it takes 30 minutes per day, 2.5 hours per week, and just over 5 days per year. Using public transportation can be an effective way to limit your unproductive time. When someone else is driving, commuters are free to engage in other tasks, such as:

  • Doing work for school or career
  • Reading textbooks or newspapers
  • Answering emails and text messages

Multitasking on public transit brings you unproductive time down to zero.

Campus Shuttles

The Boise State campus shuttle program has the following features:

  • Two routes, the Blue and the Orange. The Blue runs the campus proper and has a 10-minute run time. The Orange runs campus outskirts and downtown Boise and has a 15-20-minute run time.
  • Free to ride, no ID required.
  • Bike racks at main stops.

A live route map and shuttle tracker can be found at

City Buses

The ValleyRide bus transit program has the following features:

  • Specific access to central Boise, general access to the Treasure Valley.
  • Free to ride with a Boise State ID card and bus sticker. Bus stickers are free of charge, available in the Transit Center.
  • Bike racks on most buses, allowing for partial bicycle transit.
  • Several Park and Ride locations across the Valley, allowing for partial car transit.

Bus routes can be found at

Park and Ride

The Boise State Park and Ride features:

  • Elder and Vista location
  • $5 permit. To acquire a permit please call 208-426-PARK (7275) 
  • Two city buses can take passengers from the Park and Ride to Boise State campus locations. Route 3 goes to the main campus, and Route 4 goes to the Main Street location.
  • Campus shuttles start there in the morning and drop off at night and can carry passengers to main campus.

Bus routes can be found at

Pedestrian and Cyclist Options

Transportation can be toxic. For a 20-mile round-trip daily commute during average traffic density using a vehicle with 23 miles per gallon, you add pollutants to the atmosphere in the amount of 15 pounds per day, 77 pounds per week, and almost two tons per year (3843 pounds, to be more precise). Walking or riding a bike can be an effective way to limit your negative influence on the environment. There are other positive side effects of biking or walking, as well, including:

  • Greater physical health
  • More sunshine and Vitamin D
  • Less stress*

Walking and biking are healthy for you and for the environment.

*Exercise and time spent outdoors have been proven to help alleviate stress.

Boise State Cycle Learning Center

The Boise State Cycle Learning Center provides the following services:

  • Bike rent and purchase options
  • Bike education (free)
  • Bike repair; self-service tool stands (free), mobile bike repair service (free), in-office repairs
  • Bike registration
  • Bike storage

Boise GreenBike Bike Rentals

Boise GreenBike features:

  • Bike rentals, online or on location with a BikeShare card.
  • Two locations on-campus at the ILC and the SUB.
  • Bike racks provided.

Driving and Parking Options

Campus Parking Permits

For parking permit please call 208-426-PARK (7275) or visit

Enterprise Car Rentals

Enterprise features:

  • Insurance and fuel card provided
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 24/7 rental accessibility (all automated)
  • Cutting edge in-car hardware and software

How to rent with Enterprise:

  1. Reserve the vehicle online or via app.
  2. Reservation and access information sent to vehicle automatically.
  3. Access, drive, and return vehicle without paperwork or personnel.